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ERIEZ - POKERSORT™ Magnetic Separators

Eriez’ new PokerSort™extracts long,troublesome pokers like automotive leaf springs, tie rods, steering and axle components and other generally uncooperative long shapes directly from the shred before the drum magnet. As pokers exit the shredder, alignment guides on the incline conveyor position poker-type objects parallel in the flow. As pokers reach the end of the conveyor, they extend beyond the conveyor and are magnetically pulled over thePokerSort, into a chute and collect in a bin or bunker. The belt-driven PokerSorts are18-inches in diameter and available in a range of sizes from 36 to 96-inches wide. In most cases, PokerSort can be retrofitted to meet existing ferrous processing set-ups.

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2200 Asbury Road
Erie, PA
US, 16506


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