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New Way Trucks - ROTO PAC® Refuse Trucks

The future goal of waste management is zero waste being deposited into landfills. With an eye toward that future, New Way® leads the industry with the introduction of the first auger-fed organics collection truck in North America, the ROTO PAC®. The ROTO PAC®'s self-cleaning auger not only more efficiently compacts organic materials, such as grass clipping and food waste, but will automatically reverse in the event of a jam. The 23,000 lbs of auger torque makes quick work of compaction and self-cleaning, eliminating down time to clean out behind the packer RAM. The automated arm has a 12-foot reach and can easily manage up to 500 lbs at maximum extension.

Features & Benefits

Unmatched compaction

ROTO PAC™ is the first mobile compactor of its kind to offer 23,000 lbs. of torque in a screw-type auger for an impressive 1,000+ lbs. yd cubed compation rate.

40" Liquid Tight Hopper

Organic waste creates more liquid than any other collection category. ROTO PAC™ liquid-tight hopper allows you to fill up to 40" high.

Best legal payload in the industry

The 27 yd cubed body on the ROTO PAC™ can easily handle up to 13 tons of Organic or MSW payload.

"Hopper Body" displacement

At 7 yd cubed per minute, ROTO PAC™'s hopper displacement ranks higher than any other ASL system.

Most maneuverable automated side loader

With a wheelhouse 24" shorter than the conventional side loaders, the ROTO PAC™ is able to get you into, and out of, the tightest spaces with ease.


Key Specifications
Compaction Rate 1,000 lbs.+ yd³
Auger Drive Torque 23,000 lbs
Hopper Displacement Volume 7 yd³ per minute
Body Operating Pressure 3700 psi
Arm Operating Pressure 2200 psi

Company Info

PO Box 336
101 State street
Scranton, IA
US, 51462


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