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New Way Trucks - Diamondback™ Refuse Trucks

The New Way® Diamondback™ Rear Loader refuse truck's quality in workmanship and raw materials differentiates it from the competition. This compact, low-profile garbage truck with a low load-sill threshold has a compaction rate of approximately 800 lb. per yd³ on the standard unit and up to approximately 1,000 lbs per yd³ on the HC Model. When searching for quality, affordability and maneuverability to service residential and park routes, the Diamondback refuse truck is the answer. It is available in 6 or 8 yd³ capacities, and is adaptable to all residential cart tippers.

The Diamondback is lethal to the competition as it comes fully equipped with a standard range of features that are merely options on most other units, including a rear-vision camera and two-year cylinder warranty.


Key Specifications
Hopper capacity 1 YD³
Body Capacity 6 to 8 YD³
Second Cycle Time 14 to 18 Sec.
Body Weight 5.8K - 6.3K
Compaction Rates 800 - 1K lbs.

Company Info

PO Box 336
101 State street
Scranton, IA
US, 51462


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