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MSS appoints Patrick Nicol as director of technology

An optical sorter sorts through material inside an MRF
An MSS FIberMax optical sorter MSS

MSS, a division of the CP Group, has appointed Patrick Nicol as the director of technology.

Recently, MSS and Recycleye combined air ejection and AI vision to create an AI-powered sorting system. In his new role at MSS, Nicol aims to implement Recycleye's AI platform and improve the maintenance-friendliness of the company's optical sorters. The partnership with Recycleye brings AI capabilities to CP Group's portfolio, opening doors to new advancements.

"AI is a powerful tool with untapped potential. We eagerly anticipate the transformative impact it will have on recycling systems," says Nicol.

Nicol's experience with recycling began when he witnessed his small-town pioneering recycling efforts. Nicol says that this exposure ignited his passion for waste management and the realization that valuable materials were being discarded without a second thought.

Nicol says that he sees a bright future for recycling, affirming that it is an essential and enduring industry.

"The recycling business is here to stay, this is just the right thing to do," he adds. "In fact, we are now widening the spectrum of recycling by including MSW streams as energy supply. Our new equipment technology can target good recyclables in a stream we couldn't even think of touching before." 

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