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Recycleye and MSS combine AI vision with air ejection sorting

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From left to right: Thomas Alden, mechanical engineering tech lead at Recycleye; Philip O’Brien, project manager at Recycleye; Arthur Doak, director of research and development at MSS; and Pat Keltner, senior service technician at MSS. MSS

MSS Inc. and Recycleye have formed a strategic partnership in North America.

Recycleye Vision, an AI technology, has been incorporated with MSS' optical sorting air ejection sorting method. This incorporation will create a new group of offerings called MSS Vivid (visually verified identification) AI. This new offering combines Recycleye's AI vision systems with MSS' air ejection system capabilities to sort material at high volumes. 

Using air ejection as the extraction method allows recyclers to run higher belt speeds, process more volume, and eject side-by-side materials on the belt similar to optical sorting, but without the limitations of a mechanical effector. MSS Vivid AI combines the rapid-sorting air jets with the granular real-time data provided by AI.

With MSS' background, the company can pair the right detection method with the right extraction method. MSS can also offer a mechanical robot paired with Recycleye AI technology which can be more suitable for certain applications. Additionally, the companies can pair the AI vision system with a near-infrared (NIR) sensor or metal detection. 

MSS Vivid AI is able to detect black plastics, and subtle differences in object colour, shape, and texture like non-UBC aluminum from UBC cans or thermoforms from PET bottles. Recyleye Vision is also able to identify food-grade from non-food-grade plastics.

Recyclers utilizing MSS Vivid AI will benefit from the customer service offered by MSS. Technicians are available for on-site response and rapid access to replacement parts overnight across the U.S. 

"We are excited to bring this innovative pairing to the North American waste sorting and recycling markets," says Greg Thibado, vice president of MSS Inc. "Incorporating the Recycleye AI platform provides their outstanding technology to our established sorting solutions. Working with the award-winning team at Recycleye, we know that we have the best AI solution adapted to our customer's needs".

"Recycleye and MSS Inc. share the same vision of creating a world without waste, that is clean and sustainable to the generations that follow," adds Victor Dewulf, CEO of Recycleye. "We are proud to combine our technology with these globally trusted sorting capabilities for the North American market and confident that together, we can further reduce the impact of waste on the planet."

The new product will be available in the summer of 2023 and will be introduced to the public at CP Group's booth (#3629) at WasteExpo 2023.

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