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WEIMA to showcase full range of briquette presses and shredders at ISRI 2023

Aluminum briquettes fall off a press
A WEIMA TH 1500 M briquette press WEIMA

WEIMA will be at ISRI 2023 to talk about size-reduction machinery in the recycling industry.

WEIMA offers a range of size-reduction machinery for the scrap and recycling industries along with custom machinery that allows for a tailored machine for processing various applications with the end goal in mind.

The WEIMA TH 1500 M briquette press

At ISRI 2023, WEIMA will showcase a TH 1500 M briquette press matrix. The press transforms loose chips, turnings, or shavings into dense briquettes measuring 150 millimetres by 60 millimetres. This machine is similar to the WEIMA TH 800 M briquette press, which creates round briquettes with a diameter of 80 millimetres. Both machines have the option to add dual discharge for maximum throughput, as well as a catch pan and a swivel PLC control. The catch pan below the machine collects any cutting fluid that may be pressed from the briquettes. A sump/pump option can return this fluid to the manufacturing process, adding extra value to the manufacturer.

Loose chips and turnings from the manufacturing of metal products can be bulky, sharp, and hard to manage. Through briquetting, it is possible to compress those materials into a manageable size and shape with minimal handling involved. This increases safety, optimizes space through easy storage, and makes the material easier to recycle or smelt. Recyclers often prefer to receive scrap metal in this compressed form because burn-off is decreased and its value is maximized.

Choosing the right shredder when briquetting

Metal is a valuable material that can be easily recycled. Transforming this often-bulky material from large to small is an ideal first step in the recycling process. WEIMA machinery can shred light metals such as aluminum, magnesium, copper, brass, bronze, and steel milling waste. Before bulky materials can be further processed, they usually have to be shredded to a homogenous material size.

The WMS 60 is one of the machines that optimally shreds light alloys for further processing or recycling. Its sloped hopper bed design allows any fluid to be discharged with the shredded material rather than pooling in the bottom of the hopper.

At ISRI 2023, WEIMA will have a WMS 60 on display in the company's booth.

Shredders are for more than just metals

The possibilities don't stop at metal – WEIMA is able to shred and briquette a variety of different materials. A full range of shredding and compressing equipment provides solutions to meet those industries' recycling challenges.

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