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CM turnkey whole tire-to-chip system deployed at Badger Materials Recycling

CM's dual-speed mobile chipping shredders.
CM's dual-speed mobile chipping shredders.

CM Recycling Solutions, the manufacturer of tire recycling systems based out of Sarasota Florida, has announced the sale and commissioning of a new turnkey CM whole tire-to-chip system to Badger Materials Recycling. 

Headquartered in Oconomowoc, Wisconsin, Badger Materials Recycling LLC has been a driving force in the recycling industry for the state of Wisconsin since 2013.  Badger and partners Wolf, MCC, and Tri-County Paving, recently received the "2018 Wisconsin Recycling Excellence Overall Program Award" from the Department of Natural Resources (DNR) for Excellence in recycling collection and processing, and for their ongoing efforts to provide clear education on recycling materials. 

With a great infrastructure and success come new opportunities, and Badger's plan to stay ahead of those opportunities included aggressively developing and launching a new tire recycling program serving Wisconsin and the greater Milwaukee area by late 2018. 

The flagship equipment of Badger Recycling's new tire recycling program is centered around a new CM Dual Speed Chipping Shredder. One of the most popular shredders in its "thoroughbred stable", CM says they have built and delivered more of these workhorses than all other shredders combined.

CM's dual-speed stationary chipping shredder is equipped with patented "Multi-Stack" knives which utilize replaceable knife inserts made of through-hardened tool steel.

The system can be mobile or in this case stationary and is capable of processing passenger, truck, SUV and semi-truck down to a 2" chip that is sold as tire-derived fuel and feedstock for crumb rubber production. The Dual Speed Chipping Shredder is also equipped with CM patented "Multi-Stack" knife configuration. This system utilizes replaceable knife inserts made of through hardened tool steel. These knives can be reground, repositioned and used a total of 3 times. 

On average, the CM Shredder knives will be able to process 320,000 PTE (Passenger Tire Equivalent) per use. With the machines ability to utilize its knifes 3 times it will be capable of processing roughly 960,000 PTE's per knife set. This patented feature also utilizes the closest knife to knife tolerances possible. This allows the system to produce the cleanest cut chips with the least exposed wire.

This is exactly what Badger Materials Recycling's fuel customers require. All of these features provide for the lowest operating cost and the least cost of ownership over time. Michael Ettner, President of Badger Materials Recycling LLC said that one of the many contributing factors to purchasing CM equipment was meeting and working with the CM team. 

"I found the management team for Columbus McKinnon to be very helpful and experienced with assisting us with the startup and commissioning of the equipment," said Ettner. "I would certainly recommend CM to someone who is serious about tire recycling. Our experience with CM has been an incredibly smooth venture."

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