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Toter expands organics line with new commercial 32-gallon carts

Toter expands organics line with new commercial 32-gallon carts

Toter has introduced two new carts to its full line of organics carts, containers and bins, designed specifically for commercial applications. The new carts include a 32-gallon organics caster cart and a 32-gallon organics two-wheel cart, both featuring rotationally molded lids and combining strength and maneuverability. According to Toter, the new carts were developed in response to customer demand for a broader range of organics options for commercial use.

The new 32-gallon cart was designed specifically to withstand the added burden of collecting heavy, wet organic waste, while being easily able to fit in tight spaces.  Manufactured with Toter's proprietary Advanced Rotational Molding process to exceed ANSI standards (112 lbs.) for strength and durability, the new cart has been load tested to withstand nearly twice the weight per gallon (200 lbs.) of competitive products, ensuring years of reliable performance even in the toughest environments. The carts also feature Rugged Rim technology, which provides extra rigidity in critical wear areas. These carts are also compatible with Toter lifters to ensure safe and easy dumping.  Custom hot stamps or mold-in labels can also be added to make sorting easier.

The cart is also the product of careful study of user preferences.  The cart's ideal handle height, best-in-class ergonomics, rugged wheels and casters allow for nearly effortless maneuvering, even when completely full. 

These new carts are part of Toter's broader line of organics-related products, which includes:
• Organics Bins - Toter's 2-gallon and 13-gallon organics bins allow for easy collection of organics materials.
• Organics Carts - Toter's organics carts are also available in 48 and 64-gallon sizes with two wheel and optional caster wheels that eliminate the need to tip to roll, which can help prevent overexertion and workplace injuries.
• Organics Front End Load Containers (FELs) - Toter's lightweight but heavy-duty plastic FELs provide a 3 times greater service life than steel containers and feature steel rod reinforcements to prevent bowing, as well a durable, single-piece lid with a trap door to keep out insects, rodents and animals.

"Given more stringent sustainability goals and requirements, food waste is one of the largest and fastest growing components of the waste stream," said Toter Director of Product Development Jeniffer Coates. "In addition to expanding our robust line of organics products to keep pace with growing demand, we've also used our expertise to create a system-based solution to make the collection, transport and storage of heavy, wet and often foul-smelling organic waste safe and easy. The breadth of Toter's organics line and systematic approach allow customers to become more environmentally-conscious while saving time and money - the ultimate win-win." 

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