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Toter expands organics line with new commercial 32-gallon carts

Toter has introduced two new carts to its full line of organics carts, containers and bins, designed specifically for commercial applications. The new carts include a 32-gallon organics caster cart and a 32-gallon organics two-wheel cart, both featuring rotationally molded lids and combining strength and maneuverability. According to Toter, the new carts were developed in response to customer demand for a broader range of organics options for commercial use.

​Toter launches 32-gallon medical waste cart

Toter has launched  a new 32-gallon medical waste cart. Biohazard-compatible and suitable for use in a wide range of medical facilities, from offices and ambulatory care facilities to surgical centers and hospitals, the new cart was developed in response to customer demand for a smaller, more maneuverable cart.

Toter introduces 32-gallon organics cart

Toter has introduced a new 32-gallon organics cart, designed specifically to withstand the added burden of collecting heavy, wet organic waste. Built with a molded, sealed stop-bar that prevents leakage and manufactured with an Advanced Rotational Molding process, Toter's 32-gallon organics cart provides superior product durability for long life. 

A curbside conversation

While curbside collection carts may appear uncomplicated by nature, they have evolved significantly over the last decade. This is in large part due to the rise of automated systems and the rapid expansion of curbside collection programs around Canada and the U.S. It also has to do with the evolving range of materials collected at the curb, including organics. Curbside collection carts (aka rollout carts) have become easier to handle for residential users, more lightweight yet more durable, as well as more visually appealing and better at keeping out vectors. Sophisticated RFID (radio-frequency identification) and tracking technologies incorporated into carts can also now help cities, waste management companies and haulers manage their carts and their customers. All of this has changed the way the collection industry operates and the way carts for the collection of waste, recyclables and organics are designed.

Toter Expands Organics Container Offering

 Toter, a Wastequip brand and leading manufacturer of two-wheel carts for curbside collection of waste, recycling, and organics, has added to its line of products for organics collection with the addition of 2-gallon and 13-gallon organics containers.

​Toter launches new line of waste and recycling cart accessories

Toter, a Wastequip brand, and one of North America's leading manufacturers of two-wheel carts for curbside collection of waste, recycling, and organics, has recently launched a new line of waste management convenience products, including cart liners and PowerFresh odor-eliminating fragrance pods and refills for trash cans and carts. These products are designed to make trash storage, handling and disposal more convenient and less unpleasant.

New online sustainability calculator quantifies the environmental benefits of waste carts

As part of its continuing efforts to provide customers with the tools and information they need to demonstrate the value and benefits of smarter waste cart purchasing, Toter has added a new sustainability calculator to its website. The new calculator helps customers and prospects, including municipalities, quantify the environmental benefits of buying Toter carts. The simple calculator, found at, allows users to enter the number of carts they need to purchase and breaks down sustainability gains in several categories, including: plastic savings, benefits from the longer average service life of Toter carts and cart delivery savings.

New DuraLatch designed to defy gravity for residential waste collection

Toter, a Wastequip brand, and a leading manufacturer of two-wheel carts for curbside collection of waste, recycling, and organics, has announced the launch of DuraLatch. This simple-to-use latch stands up to rain, wind gusts up to 65 mph, pesky critters and the day-to-day abuse of curbside waste collection. Fully compatible with automated waste collection trucks, DuraLatch features gravity-based functionality, meaning the lid opens automatically when the garbage truck tips and empties the cart. It then latches when the cart is set back down on the curb. DuraLatch not only meets the collector’s need for automatic opening at dumping, but is also user-friendly, allowing the lid to be opened with just one finger. An audible “click” lets users know when the lid is securely shut.

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New online calculator helps municipalities quantify financial benefits of buying waste and recycling carts directly

Toter, a Wastequip brand and manufacturer of products used in the collection of waste, recycling, and organics, has added a new online calculator to its website to allow municipalities to quantify the financial savings of buying trash carts directly from Toter rather than purchasing or renting them from a commercial hauler.

Toter launches ToterTrax RFID integrated assembly & delivery service with portal at WasteExpo

Toter, a Wastequip brand has launched ToterTrax, its new integrated RFID-based assembly and delivery (A&D) service at this week’s WasteExpo. ToterTrax provides detailed information on when and where new cans are delivered to ensure efficiency and trackability. This new RFID application- and portal-based service is the first step in Toter’s efforts to offer a complete technology solution for the municipal and hauler waste management industries.

Toter launches commercial-grade Atlas waste containers for jobsite use

Toter, a Wastequip brand, and leading manufacturer of products used in the collection of waste, recycling, and organics, has introduced a redesigned line of commercial-grade Atlas stationary waste containers built to withstand tough jobsite abuse. The new Atlas cans have been reinforced and upgraded to meet industry needs for increased strength, capacity and sturdiness, and are manufactured using Toter’s stress-free rotomolding process – Advanced Rotational Molding – to create tougher, more durable containers.

Toter rolls out two-wheel cart liners

With this new line of Cart Liners from Toter – a leading manufacturer of two-wheel waste, recycling, and organics collection carts – stinky, messy trash and recyclable containers can be a thing of the past. Toter’s new “clean to the extreme” solution eliminates rinsing outdoor carts, and is designed with odour eliminators to help combat smell,  According to Toter, these new Cart Liners are the first full-size bags made specifically to fit two-wheel carts. Designed for 48-, 64- and 96-gallon outdoor carts, these durable liners protect carts from potential spills and other smelly materials. And because they are made with 75 percent recycled material, Toter’s Cart Liners are eco-friendly, safeguarding the carts as well as the environment.

Toter launches 12-year warranty on two-wheel curbside collection carts

Toter, a Wastequip brand, and one of North America's leading manufacturers of two-wheel carts for curbside collection of waste, recycling and organics, has launched what the company is calling the industry’s longest product warranty. Good on all Toter two-wheel carts sold to municipal or waste hauling company customers, the new 12-year cart body warranty, is two years longer than that offered by any of the company’s competitors, according to Toter, allowing municipal customers to save money and significantly decrease their total cost of ownership through significantly longer replacement cycles. The 12-year warranty covers the cart body, with all other cart components are covered up to 10 years.