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​Inaugural Global Recycling Day is Sunday March 18

Industry calling on businesses, communities, policymakers and individuals to increase their commitment to recycling

​Inaugural Global Recycling Day is Sunday March 18

As part of a worldwide effort to promote the importance of recycling on the first-ever Global Recycling Day this Sunday, March 18, the Institute of Scrap Recycling Industries (ISRI) is calling on businesses, communities, policymakers, and individuals to increase their commitment to recycling and recognize scrap as an important resource. Recyclable materials are valuable commodities that play a pivotal role in environmental protection, energy conservation, and sustainability. 

"As countries around the world strive to improve the environment for future generations, recycling is a key part of the solution," said Robin Wiener,president of ISRI. "Each year, the scrap recycling industry processes more than 130 million metric tons of obsolete, outdated materials into valuable feedstock used in the manufacturing process. This reduces the need for virgin material,reduces energy costs, and lowers greenhouse gas emissions. If everyone does their part globally to recycle more and do so in a responsible manner, it will be a huge victory for the environment."

Global Recycling Day is an initiative of the Bureau of International Recycling (BIR) with ISRI serving as its first Federation Partner. The event aims to encourage policymakers around the world to recognize that scrap is a resource and not waste. Recyclable commodities are a "seventh resource," along with the six primary resources that need to be conserved: water, air, coal, oil, natural gas, and minerals. Global Recycling Day is also a day of action, calling on consumers to make at least one change to their recycling habits to improve the environment.

"As the voice of the recycling industry, ISRI is delighted to play an important part in the success of the inaugural Global Recycling Day," said Wiener. "With membership in 41 countries around the globe, we fully understand the importance of the world coming together with a single voice to address how we can better improve the lives of all and create a sustainable global environment through recycling."

Individuals can take action on Global Recycling Day by taking steps to learn more about better recycling, signing a petition to support global recycling, and join in many of the activities around the world and share stories on social media using #GlobalRecyclingDay.

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