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Alliance Tire Group (ATG)

LDSR 300

OTR Tires

LDSR 300

Getting more work done on the job site means working your machinery longer and harder, and can put extra pressure on your tires. Galaxy tires' robust radial construction and special compounds makes them capable of excelling even in the most extreme working conditions.


Features & Benefits

  • S-type tread design with optimal lug to void ratio for excellent traction

  • Stepped lugs enhance self-cleaning

  • Open channel design ensures excellent self-cleaning

  • Sidewall protector protects against side damages

  • Special belt construction ensures better carcass durability

  • Resists cuts and chips


Key Specifications: 4 models
Inflated Pressure 94.3 psi
Static Loaded Radius 24.5" - 29.7"
Rim Size 14.00/1.5X25 " - 22.00/3.0X25"