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SciAps - X-100 Scarp Metal Identification

The X-100 is the same hardware platform as the X-200, except with calibration and software omitted for certain element/app combinations. For the alloy app, the X-100 excludes Mg, Al, Si, P and S. For exploration and environmental, the X-100 excludes Mg, Al, Si, P, S, Cl, K, and Ca. For other applications, in general the X-100 hardware is not configured for elemental analysis below atomic number 20 (Ca).


Key Specifications
X-Ray Tube 40 kV, Rh anode (alloy) or 40 kV Au anode (Geochem, Soil, others)
Detector, Rate 20 mm2 standard SDD, DPP 125k cps, > 90% live
Weight 3.3 lbs with battery
Power On board rechargeable Li-ion battery, rechargeable inside device or with external charger, AC power, hot-swap capability (60s max swap time)
Display 5″ color touchscreen Smartphone type display – PowerVR SGX540 3D graphic
Excitation Source 6-40kV, 200uA Rh anode for alloy testing, 6-50kV, 200uA Au anode for most other Apps

Company Info

5452 Aerospace Drive
Laramie, WY
US, 82070


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