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LIBS vs XRF: comparing two technologies

For recyclers who sort metals and alloys, in applications where precise understanding of content and composition is paramount, X-ray fluorescence (XRF) based handheld analyzers have been the main tool employed for over a decade. In recent years, however, laser-induced breakdown spectroscopy (LIBS) technology has been used increasingly in metal recycling applications, especially with aluminum and other nonferrous metals, and for light elements. XRF is still considered by most to be the best option for applications in stainless steel and heavy metals, or for recyclers focused on plastics and e-waste sorting.

SciAps introduces Turbocharged X-300 handheld XRF

SciAps now manufactures their X model with a turbocharged option. The turbocharged X features SciAps' latest X-ray tube development. Units provide a high current (500 uA) at the lower voltage setting (up to 10 kV), resulting in a more than 5X increase in speed for low atomic number elements Si, Mg, Al, P, and S compared to other brands on the market, according to SciAps.