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Brigade Electronics Inc. - Backeye®360 Object Detection Systems

All vehicles have blind spots - areas around the vehicle that are obscured to the driver by bodywork or machinery. When manoeuvring, these blind spots present a significant danger to anything or anyone in the vehicle's path and inhibit the driver's ability to operate the vehicle safely.

Mirrors and single-view cameras help to see blind spots, but even with this extra assistance, the driver may still not see everything in the vehicle's path. After all, they can only be watching the road, or looking in one monitor or mirror at any given time. Research shows that in the time it takes to scan four mirrors, assess and then react to hazards, even at speeds as low as 5kph a vehicle could travel as far as 10m.

Features & Benefits

Surround view in a single image

Four cameras with ultra wide-angle lenses

Real-time 360° view

Self-monitoring of images

On-site calibration

Configurable viewing distance

Bespoke vehicle icon

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Palmerton, PA
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