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Steinert US - STEINERT ISS Magnets

The STEINERT ISS Induction Sorting System recovers the non-ferrous metals like stainless steel not recovered by ECS processing or magnetic separation. Combining STEINERT’s sophisticated sensor technology and computer-controlled air jets, material is quickly detected and ejected based on processing requirements, increasing the quality of the product and the quantity of valuable materials recovered.

Previously separated bulk material is transported by a fast conveyor belt to a sorting zone with an arrangement of sensors. The sensors analyze the material over the entire width of the conveyor belt through magnetic induction. When metallic particles are detected, electronic signals are sent to the central computerized control unit and the compressed air jets, individually controlled by the programming, push the detected metals over the diverter gate.

Additional screening or crushing before the ISS will increase recoveries even more and actual results may vary depending on the specific objectives of the application. Automatic separation using STEINERT ISS sensor technology can dramatically increase the recovery of valuable materials as compared to manual sorting methods used previously.

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