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Steinert introduces Mobile Separation Plant

Steinert introduces Mobile Separation Plant

Steinert US, a leading supplier of separation equipment for the material recovery and recycling industry, has unveiled a complete mobile processing plant. Steinert says their new mobile series allows for precise recovery anywhere a power source and fairly level ground can be found, allowing for downstream material processing almost anywhere.  

The Steinert mobile series includes CoarseMaster, FinesMaster, ISS induction system, and NES eddy current system. In addition, the units can be combined with an AEI bivi-TEC mobile screen for a complete mobile processing plant.  

The Steinert CoarseMaster is suitable for material sized between ½" -- 5" and offers a flexible combination for ferrous and non-ferrous recovery. The full-scale production unit features a single stage ferrous pre-separator with a small footprint and easy maintenance acess.  

Steinert says their FinesMaster is a complete solution for metal separation of fines material sized between 1/8" -- 2". The mobile FinesMaster features a dual stage ferrous pre-separator, built in loading station, and wide tuning flexibility based on material to be processed.  

The Steinert ISS induction system is an all-metal sorter offered in several configurations to suit multiple applications. Key features of the mobile ISS are built in compressed air filter and drying system, optional on board compressed air supply, and all weather operation.   

Steinert's NES mobile eddy current is an affordable non-ferrous recovery solution. Offered in multiple configurations for material sized between 1/8" -- 10". The mobile NES features an on board utility compressor, user friendly operation, fast on-site setup, and requires no special transport permits.

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