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Gensco - PH & RVM Series Grapple Orange Peel Grapples

The perfect scrap handling tool for truck mounted cranes, small excavators, small loaders, etc. Magnets run off 24 or 230 Volts DC - Use the existing truck or crane battery for 24V system! NO NEED FOR GENERATORS. Control systems included.


Key specifications
Model: PH/4-25 (4 tine/finger) .35 cu. yd. cap., 905 lbs
Model: PH/4-40 (4 tine/finger) .50 cu. yd. cap., 1280 lbs
Model: PH/5-25 (5 tine/finger) .35 cu. yd. cap., 970 lbs
Model: PH/5-40 (5 tine/finger) .50 cu. yd. cap., 1390 lbs
Model: RVM-500 (230VDC) (4 or 5 tine/finger) .65 cu. yd, 1350/1500 lbs

Company Info

53 Carlaw Ave
Toronto, ON
CA, M4M 2R6


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