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Orange peel grapples

Orange peel grapples

Gensco offers hydraulic, cable and electric style grapples for every capacity and application in  ferrous, non-ferrous and solid waste applications. Special combination grapples with magnets,"DC" grapples for magnet cranes, as well as clamshell buckets and multi- purpose demolition / sorting grabs are also available.  

The RV Series hydraulic orange peel grapple is designed  for the heaviest scrap yard and mill applications.Heavy-duty  RV grapples are designed to work with cranes that range in  weight from 22 to 50 tons and are available with 4 or 5 fingers with four different finger styles, depending on the application of the grapple. RV grapples have 1/2 to 2.75 cubic yard  capacities and weights range between 3200 to 7000 lbs,  depending on the finger type. Optional internal hydrauilc  rotators are also available.

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