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Doppstadt America LP. - SM 720 Profi Trommel Screens

The particular qualities of the SM 720 Profi are obvious at first sight. The 7 m long trommel provides a screening area of 38 m², which guarantees maximum throughput even if difficult materials are due for processing. Like the smaller SM siblings the SM 720 Profi is no abstainer and processes a wide variety of materials, from domestic to construction waste, from plastic, glass and paper to biomass, sand and gravel.


Key Specifications
Motor power 85 kW (max. 90 kW @ 2000 rpm) / 116 (max. 122)
Torque max. (Nm) 480 bei 1600 rpm
Screening area 38,8 m²

Company Info

15887-A Crabbs Branch Way
Rockville, MD
US, 20855


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