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Ecolo - Made For A Better Future. For over 40 years, Ecolo has been an industry leader in innovative odor control technologies. Our ISO-certified facility produces air atomization, waterless vapor, biochemical additives, pneumatic and vapor delivery systems, and cannons. Proudly offering a comprehensive line of effective, proprietary formulations and odor control systems to over 40 countries across multiple market segments. 

AirStreme® AOC Vapor Cannon

With 350o oscillating motion, adjustable elevation and 24-7 event programming, the AirStreme® AOC Vapor Cannon with waterless odor neutralizing solutions is a completely self-contained, year-round odor control system. 

AirPro ACU.15-C

Ecolo®'s AirPro ACU.15-C is an efficient and effective solution for compact commercial applications - with easy installation, tamper and corrosion-resistant polycarbonate enclosure, 24-7 event programming and independent multi-zone operations. 

AirSensory Premium Air Care

Containing patented, odor-neutralizing technology, with harmonious blends of botanical extracts AirSensory waterless solutions are ideal for altering the ambient environment and your sensory experience. Experience the Luxe Collection today - including Symphony Citrus, Galactic Ocean, New Moon, Forest Escape and Japanese Blossom.


Made with a blend of advanced odor neutralizing agents, essential oils and organic compounds, AirSolution™ is ideal for neutralizing airborne odors common to many commercial and industrial spaces.  Applications include trash rooms, compactors, recycling and food waste disposal areas, kitchen exhaust, transfer stations, landfills and wastewater plants.


The wide range of BioStreme® topical formulations and additives create balanced biological environments to effectively treat soaked-in or persistent odors directly at the source. Applications include commercial trash rooms, solid waste, compost, wastewater, ponds & holding tanks, biogas operations.

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