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About IPL: Partner. Package. Protect.

IPL helps companies within the private and public waste sectors achieve green waste management plans by making it easier for citizens to manage theirs. We produce strong and secure carts and bins, keeping waste in and pests out.

IPL, the market leader in environmental containers in Canada and the UK, is focused on leveraging this leadership into the USA waste and segregation industries for significant growth in the short to medium term.

Perfect use by function

The tough and durable MasterCart will support all requirements for waste, recycling and organic collections.

Optimal Solution

Our SplitCart is ideal to collect two material streams in one cart with one truck. Specially designed to support your green waste management plan.

Best use of space

The Buumrang is ideal for organic waste collection. Specially designed to support your green waste management plan.

Efficient by nature

The Luup has a new design, with the rear handle, is a new way to empty organic waste. Just use your thumb to open the lid - it stays open while you empty the contents.

Powerful odor neutralizer

Podorize releases a fragrance and a neutralizer at once. It does not simply hide odors, it neutralizes them.    

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