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Van Dyk becomes the sole U.S. distributor for Greyparrot's AI waste analytics platform

AN AI analyzer analyzes a waste stream, showing the data on a laptop
Van Dyk will serve as the sole distributor of the Greyparrot Analyzer across all U.S. 50 states. Greyparrot

Greyparrot has partnered with Van Dyk Recycling Solutions ahead of WasteExpo 2024. The alliance has been formalized on the heels of Greyparrot and Bollegraaf planning the rollout of AI into recycling plants.

Van Dyk will serve as the sole distributor of the Greyparrot Analyzer across all U.S. 50 states. With Van Dyk having installed 2,400 installations to date, it is well-positioned to provide the physical recycling infrastructure while Greyparrot's ability to embed AI waste analytics into software and hardware systems adds the essential digital layer. 

The companies plan to retrofit large MRFs across the U.S. with AI sorting capabilities to boost recycling rates, maximize material purity, and digitally quantify emissions.

"We're excited to partner with Van Dyk as the U.S. market represents a huge opportunity for deploying AI waste analytics," said Mikela Druckman, CEO of Greyparrot. "Our strategic alliance will meet the growing demand from the largest U.S. waste facilities to digitize and automate the sorting of recyclables in order to process a massive amount of waste and unlock its full financial value." 

"We are thrilled to partner and become the exclusive distributor of Greyparrot Analyzers in the U.S. market," shared Pieter Eenkema van Dijk, president and CEO of Van Dyk Recycling Solutions. "Having Greyparrot's AI waste analytics platform as part of our offering will help our customers optimize their recycling operations and increase recovery and profits."

Two large recyclers of post-consumer materials in the U.S. have signed on as waste facility owners and operators to pilot Greyparrot's AI waste analytics in America. Greyparrot's Analyzer uses AI camera systems to provide 100 percent visibility into waste streams at recycling plants across 20+ countries. In 2023, it helped facilities analyze more than 25 billion waste objects, characterizing them into 89+ categories in real time to reveal seven layers of data, including material type, mass, financial value, brand, and GHG emissions.

To see a live demo of Greyparrot Analyzer and how AI waste analytics works, visit the Van Dyk booth at WasteExpo 2024.

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