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Automotive recyclers express concern at global conference in Vienna

Within the automotive recycling industry there is growing concern about future economic developments, according to a survey of participants at the International Automobile Recycling Congress, IARC 2019, taking place this week, March 20-22, in Vienna. The survey shows that around 38 per cent expect economic conditions for the automotive recycling industry to deteriorate over the next two years. A similarly high percentage, however, think business will remain stable. Only just over one quarter of those surveyed expect economic conditions to improve.

E-waste recyclers discuss future trends

The Internet of Things is one of the key trends of the future. Already today, 15 billion things are digitally connected with one another and experts predict an increase to 50 billion devices in the IoT (Internet of Things) by the year 2020. These things include not only computers, tablets and smartphones, but also wearables, consumer electronics and the vehicles we use. However, although this trend offers consumers far greater convenience, it can present recycling companies with a range of difficulties, a fact that was clearly underlined at this year's International Electronics Recycling Congress IERC 2017 in Salzburg.

ICBR 2016 focused on recycling of lithium-ion batteries

Mobile devices wouldn't be what they are today without the light metal lithium. Smartphones and cameras, but also electric cars and even electricity grids would not be able to operate without lithium-ion batteries. For that reason, the powerful batteries are predicted to have a great future ahead of them. The demand for mobile telephones alone is expected to generate an average of six per cent growth per year up to 2025, according to experts.