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3355 NW 41st Street
Miami, FL
US, 33142

Company Profile:

We are worldwide leaders manufacturers of heavy machinery for the Recycling Industry | 2 Ram Balers | Shear Balers | Car Loggers balers | Alligator Shear and many more. Our product lines are design with the latest technology available to help improve the way the solid waste is currently handled. Our products and services are available around the world, and IMABE OF AMERICA is without a doubt, the best way to serve our current and future clients in this magnificent territory.

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The latest shear/baler/loggers provide scrap metal recyclers with the versatility needed to profit and grow

The Copex Reflex mobile scrap shear/baler/logger from ShearCore is specifically designed for the shearing and compacting of welded structures, white goods, car bodies, collected scrap and all kinds of non-ferrous metals.

As a category of heavy-duty machine engineered specifically to provide scrap recyclers with the versatility to process heavy metal materials as well as light metals - creating logs, bales or sheared-to-length material, ready for efficient transportation to buyers - the growing popularity of shear/baler/loggers (SBLs) is not surprising. 

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