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SP Industries, Inc.

Address 2982 Jefferson Road, Hopkins, MI, 49328, US
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​SP Industries offers heavy-duty transfer stations for solid waste and recyclable materials

SP Industries offers a comprehensive line of Heavy Duty Industrial Transfer Stations used for waste and recyclable material handling. Transfer stations provide manufacturing/processing facilities and municipal waste handling centers a more compact, cost effective and sanitary method to handle refuse and recyclable materials. Systems can incorporate a loading method and compactor, both of which are tailored to the specific needs of the facility to maximize efficiency and safety.

New industrial compactor from SP Industries is a heavy duty, stationary unit for wide range of applications

SP Industries now offers the CP-6002 Industrial Compactor. With a dual cylinder design, extensive standard features and dozens of customizable options, this compactor is ideal for handling scrap metals, metal chips, wood and pallets and corrugated materials. It is used extensively at large retail outlets, transfer stations, warehouses and other heavy-duty industrial and institutional installations.

New ROLO Box Dumper from SP Industries designed for heavy-duty applications

SP Industries offers the ROLO Box Dumper– a heavy capacity production dumper used extensively in auto parts production, forging facilities, recycling operations, distribution centers, food processing and waste handling. With a dump angle of 135°, this box dumper is ideal for carts, bins and cans, efficiently handling scrap metals, metal chips, corrugated materials and hospital waste. Material can be emptied from the ROLO Box Dumper directly into production, into smaller containers, onto a sorting tray, table or conveyor.

New Industrial Compactor from SP Industries is highly versatile for varied industrial use

SP Industries has introduced the CP-3101-HD Industrial Compactor. With a single cylinder design and dozens of customizable features these industrial trash compactors are ideal for handling packaging materials, dry wastes and process scraps in warehouses and large retail outlets, as well as for light to medium industrial/institutional uses.

CP-4002 Series Heavy-Duty Stationary Compactors

SP Industries has introduced the CP-4002 heavy-duty stationary compactor. With a dual cylinder design and dozens of customizable features, these industrial compactors are ideal for handling packaging materials, wooden skids, crates and process scrap in warehouses, transfer stations and in large retail outlets, as well as for heavy industrial and institutional uses.

Hydraulic-free, industrial, electro-mechanical compactors

SP Industries’ has introduced its first line of industrial, electro-mechanical compactors which are completely absent of hydraulic fluid. These environmentally-friendly machines utilize a solid steel screw shaft powered by an electric motor that pushes the ram through the compaction chamber, eliminating the potential for hydraulic fluid spills in and around facilities. 

Getting the most from manufacturer-generated scrap

Balimoy/DSE, Inc. is a company in Florida that produces ammunition. Like most metal working facilities, Balimoy produces an overwhelming quantity of scrap metal chips and turnings that are saturated with cutting fluids. The company’s production department knows that this scrap steel, aluminum and copper is a valuable commodity in the recycling market and sells the metal by the container load to a local scrap metal recycler. However, the cutting fluids from production that are mixed in with the metal turnings were significantly reducing the value of the scrap.  

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