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A single DustBoss® machine can blanket up to 125,000 square feet with a fine mist of water droplets measuring 50-200 microns, the optimal size for suppressing airborne particles. 

This ultra-fine mist attracts dust particles and odor droplets, encapsulating them and driving them to the ground. The customizable units are fully automatic and portable, with a variety of options. The flexibility of the DustBoss design makes it well suited for applications in recycling and scrap, transfer stations, rock/aggregate processing, demolition, mining, coal handling, biomass handling and wood processing. 

The DustBoss is backed by the industry’s longest warranty: 3 years or 3,000 hours. Proprietary VPS™ Technology (Variable Particle Sizing) provides superior results by matching droplets to specific dust particle size for optimum performance. Models available for purchase or lease (short- or long-term).

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New Company Name Reflects Expanded Focus and Product Lines for BossTek

DustBoss has announced a company name change that embodies the firm’s expanded portfolio of technologies and services. After pioneering atomized mist dust control cannons more than a decade ago with its powerful DustBoss  designs, Dust Control Technology ® has changed its name to BossTek  to better reflect all of the company’s successful product lines. These include the OdorBoss  odor suppression technology, with its line of environmentally safe topical and airborne odor treatment agents, and the KoolBoss crowd cooling technology for large outdoor events. What hasn’t changed is the company’s dedication to equipment quality and customer service.

Customizable dust suppression designed for specialized applications

The latest from Dust Control Technology (DCT) allows the delivery of atomized mist solutions in customizable shapes and sizes, giving manufacturers, recyclers, composters and bulk handlers virtually unlimited options in dust and odour suppression. Dust Control Technology (DCT) is complementing its existing line of stationary dust suppression rings with the ability to produce geometric shapes, bars or other configurations, customized to the needs of the specific application. Each design is specially-engineered for the application and equipment of the individual customer for superior dust management.

Slag recycler uses dust suppression cannon to meet air quality regulations

Tervita, the Calgary-based environmental solutions firm, is operating a slag recycling plant in California using industrial atomized mist technology to contain fugitive dust emissions and control runoff to satisfy strict state air quality regulations. Tervita was tasked with controlling dust while conserving water in an area known for high winds, Rancho Cucamonga, CA. The firm accomplished that goal by integrating a tower mounted DustBoss DB-60 with a modified shipping container in an innovative design that stabilizes the unit and protects electronics. The result is a drastic reduction in fugitive dust emissions, improved regulatory compliance and better community relations.

Giant Mobile Dust Control design delivers extended coverage

Dust Control Technology has announced the introduction of its new and largest trailer-mounted dust control system, a powerful atomized mist design featuring a range of 100 meters and the ability to deliver 140,000 square feet (15,500 square meters) of coverage area. The DustBoss DB-100 Fusion is powered by its own 480 V / 150 KW generator with a 6.8 liter John Deere Tier III flex diesel engine, all securely mounted on one of several roadworthy dual-axle trailer options with stabilizing jacks.

Mobile Odour Control System built for Freezing Temperatures

Dust Control Technology has announced a new heated model in its lineup of mobile equipment engineered to manage outdoor odor vapor from landfills, waste treatment facilities, livestock operations, paper mills, food processing plants and other operations that experience cold weather. The OdorBoss 60G with Heat by Dust Control Technology (DCT) combines an enclosure with insulation, heat tracing and internal heat generation to protect equipment and components during operation and storage in freezing conditions. Originally developed at the request of a customer in the Midwest, U.S., the design is a versatile, effective odor control mechanism suitable for year-round use.

Atomized Mist Innovator Announces New Mobile Odor Control Technology

A global leader in atomized mist technology has announced the next evolution in odor suppression, introducing a new line of mobile equipment specifically engineered to disperse airborne treatments to manage large areas such as landfills, waste treatment facilities, livestock operations, paper mills and even marijuana growers -- essentially any large-scale operation that generates undesirable odor. The OdorBoss 60G (OB-60G) by Dust Control Technology (DCT) uses a specially engineered mist that distributes odor treatment agents over great distances using water vapor as the delivery vehicle. A powerful fan generates wind movement, propelling the treatment into the air where it can attach to odor vapor. The result is a dramatic reduction in both short- and long-range odor emissions, helping companies remain compliant with environmental regulations and maintain good neighbor relations.

Trailer-Mounted Dust Suppressor with Dedicated Power Source

Dust Boss has developed a versatile and transportable atomized mist unit, combining a workhorse electric dust suppression design with a 45 KW generator set. In response to customer input from several different industries, Dust Control Technology (DCT) designed the DustBoss DB-60 Fusion -- a powerful suppression system with an efficient diesel generator -- which can be hauled to job sites that lack a convenient power source. The innovation brings even greater versatility to one of the most popular and effective dust suppression designs on the market, able to deliver up to 62,800 square feet (5,834 square meters) of coverage.

Targeted Dust Control For Low-Turbulence Applications

Dust Control Technology (DCT) has engineered a smaller version of its low-turbulence atomized mist unit for applications that require precision particle control without the disturbance of a fan-driven design. Developed for applications such as conveyor unloading points and other limited-space dust-producing areas, the DustBoss DB-M Mini is built to provide effective suppression without material disruption or saturation. Generating a cascading mist of atomized droplets averaging 50-200 microns in size, the unit has a throw of about 10 feet (3.04 meters) under calm conditions. The result is effective fugitive particle management at the source of the problem, with little pooling or runoff.

Dust Suppression Units Earn UL & CSA Certification

Dust Boss has announced that the company’s most established core products have been successfully certified as meeting Underwriters Laboratories (UL) and Canadian Standards Association (CSA) standards. After a lengthy testing phase, three direct-drive designs from Dust Control Technology (DCT) have been certified for the U.S. and Canada: the DustBoss DB-30, DB-45 and DB-60. They are believed to be the first atomized misting units for dust control to earn the coveted recognition, reinforcing the manufacturer’s position as a world leader in safety for dust control equipment.

Effective dust suppression pays off in C&D

When IronHustler president Dave Schielein began investigating alternative methods of dust suppression on demolition and recycling projects, the company had been using the same technique that most firms use: manually spraying the area with a hose. But Schielein was dissatisfied with the results.

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