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New Company Name Reflects Expanded Focus and Product Lines for BossTek

New Company Name Reflects Expanded Focus and Product Lines for BossTek

DustBoss has announced a company name change that embodies the firm’s expanded portfolio of technologies and services. After pioneering atomized mist dust control cannons more than a decade ago with its powerful DustBoss  designs, Dust Control Technology ® has changed its name to BossTek  to better reflect all of the company’s successful product lines. These include the OdorBoss  odor suppression technology, with its line of environmentally safe topical and airborne odor treatment agents, and the KoolBoss crowd cooling technology for large outdoor events. What hasn’t changed is the company’s dedication to equipment quality and customer service.

BossTek President Laura Stiverson explained that the company’s expansion into other aspects of industrial air quality has come as a result of repeated inquiries from businesses with unmet needs for solutions to common issues.

“Over time, we began to realize that we were not simply a supplier of dust suppression equipment, but rather a solutions provider with the expertise to address a much wider range of applications,” she said. “These new segments of our business are growing far beyond our initial expectations, and our updated company name more accurately reflects the firm’s commitment to the expanding needs of our customers.

“We’re passionate about providing long-lasting equipment that helps customers exceed regulatory compliance, enhance environmental stewardship and improve safety, both in the workplace and in the community,” added Stiverson. “This mission is built into the design of our equipment, and we intend the company name to represent those values as well. The entire BossTek team feels a sense of reward after a customer tells us that we delivered equipment and service that went above and beyond what they normally experience in the industry. We share in the success as a company because it drives our profitability, but it also gives us a real sense of achievement earned from providing a great customer experience. There’s a level of group energy and dedication among our team that will help us to continue our success and foster even more growth.”

American owned and operated, and proudly headquartered in the Midwest, the company maintains an extensive domestic rental fleet of industrial-strength misting cannons of all sizes for dust and odor suppression, as well as crowd cooling. The firm also customizes equipment for sale both in North America and internationally. Serving numerous industries including landfills, demolition, bulk materials handling, recycling, ports and large event cooling. 

“We’re always developing new technologies and get very excited when we’re presented with new opportunities for product designs,” Stiverson concluded. “It’s our customers, first and foremost, that drive our innovation and passion, and they will always remain our primary focus.”

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