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Address 22, chemin Milton, Granby, QC, J2J 0P2, CA
Phone (800) 565-1723
Fax (450) 378-1720
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Durabac acquires Inpak

Durabac, a Granby based company, has acquired Inpak, designer and maker of the Détritube, an aluminum refuse and recyclables collection body built for residential circuits.

Powerful, safe hook-lift system

The Duralift is a powerful hook-lift system developed in Quebec, and which is designed to be more versatile and faster than a traditional cable system type roll-off. Ideal for the transportation of various materials, this product is available in several versions, from 12,000 pounds capacity to 65,000 pounds capacity.

DURAPLAST Polyethylene containers

CPRL - D series DURAPLAST polyethylene commercial front load containers are available in sizes from 2- to 8-cubic yards. These CPRL series containers are equipped with steel side pockets and wear skids that are powder electro-coated, and are available in an assortment of colours.These containers are designed for easy handling, work well inside buildings and for humid and organic waste.      

Double compartment container for recycling and waste

The double compartment container is designed as a low-cost, split-body unit for recycling and waste. Units are space-saving and work as an instigator to recycle for users.Two models are now available: the 50 percent waste – 50 percent recycling model, and the 40 percent waste - 60 percent recycling model (as shown). Compartments are easy to recognize on the container, and there is no cross contamination when material is collected, as compartment’ rejects can not go in the opposite compartment due to the use of sliding lids technology.