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Stellar Industries Introduces the Redesigned Slider50 Hooklift

Stellar Industries, Inc. has released it's redesigned Slider50 Hooklift that is faster and lighter than the previous model. The Stellar Slider50 Hooklift is a hydraulic system mounted on a truck chassis that is capable of interchanging various bodies and has a capacity of 50,000 pounds. The hooklift system also has a dump mode with a maximum dump angle of 51˚ on a 45-inch high truck frame. With the use of a sliding jib, the standard Slider50 can accommodate various types of bodies in lengths ranging from 16’ to 22’, and with special bumper configurations bodies up to 24’ long can be interchanged. The Slider50 is available in three different configurations, a fixed 54” hook height, a 61.75” hook height, and a hydraulic adjustable jib that will travel from 54” to 61.75” with an in-cab control lever.

AFM60 Cable Hoist

The Stellar AFM60 Cable Hoist is a 60,000-pound capacity unit with above-frame mounting that allows for a clean frame installation. This makes it compatible with alternative fuel tanks (CNG, LNG), auxiliary axle installation, battery boxes, air dryers, larger traditional fuel tanks, or other components occupying the space between the chassis cab and the rear tandem axles. 

Sliding jib hooklift

Stellar Industries’ Slider40 Hooklift is a 40,000-pound capacity sliding-jib hooklift that offers three different hook height options, including a hydraulically adjustable version. These models can handle body variations of 12 to 16-feet with a maximum dump angle of 51-degrees.  

26,000-pound-capacity Slider26 sliding-jib hooklift

Stellar Industries has introduced its Slider26 hooklift. This 26,000lb-capacity sliding-jib hooklift offers five different hook height options and can handle body variations of 12 to 18 feet with a maximum dump angle of 68 degrees.

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