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SPALECK highlights flexible screening technologies at IFAT 2024

A line of conveying and separating machines
SPALECK's conveying and separation lineup present at IFAT 2024 SPALECK

At IFAT 2024, SPALECK will display its latest machine and processing solutions. These new technologies aim to create a more efficient and environmentally friendly recycling process.

SPALECK's ActiveFEED feed hopper

SPALECK's ActiveFEED feed hopper helps create a continuous and uniform feed material. The machine utilizes self-controlling technology that helps ensure that sorting devices are supplied with the desired amount of material. Because of this, recyclers can utilize materials with high purities. At IFAT 2024, SPALECK will show an ActiveFEED feed hopper in sizes of 25 cubic metres and more.

SPALEK's screening philosophy

The demands on screening quality have increased considerably in recent years. Because of these increased demands, SPALECK says that its screening processes have been developed together for recyclers, providing ideal screening quality for the downstream recycling process. SPALECK will present these recycling process concepts for metals, plastics, household waste, construction waste, industrial waste, slag, and more.

Flexible and customizable screening

SPALECK says that creating flexible and customizable screening machines is crucial for the effective processing of different materials. At IFAT 2024, SPALECK will present its expanded ModularDESIGN+ concept. This concept allows recyclers to customize the settings of their SPALECK screening machines to suit their materials and material changes along with other recycling goals.

SPALECK has also made three-dimensional screening for flip-flow screens available. According to SPALECK, this introduction will help the efficiency of the screening process. This technology helps enable clean screen cuts and prevents the contamination of long parts in the fines. At IFAT 2024, SPALECK will display screening mats that enable 3D screening technology for flip-flow screening machines.

SPALECK will present in hall B6 at stand 439/538 during IFAT 2024.

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