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Terex Recycling Systems’ new static electric trommel screen for versatile work

Designed for compost and organics but suitable for biomass, soil, gravel and waste applications

A trommel screen screens organic material inside a smoky facility
A Terex Recycling Systems TTS-620SE static electric trommel screen Terex Recycling Systems

Terex Recycling Systems has launched the TTS-620SE static electric trommel screen. Primarily designed for screening compost and organics, the TTS-620SE is also suitable for biomass, soil, gravel and waste applications and offers operators versatility, productivity and effortless serviceability. It is a compact, self-contained machine for waste processing, prioritizing both cost savings and environmental impact.

"As our customers strive to reduce their operating costs and improve efficiencies, the TTS-620SE provides them with proven feeding and screening technology from Terex's existing mobile portfolio, coupled with low energy consumption, service, and maintenance costs," said Kenny Hull, product and commercial manager for Terex Recycling Systems.

The Electric Advantage

By opting for electric over traditional diesel power, the TTS-620SE significantly reduces operating costs. Additionally, the electric drive systems offer minimal noise levels, promoting quieter operation and increased uptime due to a reduced maintenance schedule. Terex Recycling Systems says that this blend of efficiency and environmental responsibility makes the TTS-620SE a great fit for waste processing operations.

Versatile Options for Varied Needs

The TTS-620SE is offered with both basic and intelligent feed options to cater to various user requirements and material streams. It also boasts easy customization and adaptation by allowing the trommel screen to be used independently as a standalone unit or integrated into either a new or pre-existing recycling plant. 

Supplied with a free-standing control panel, the user interface allows for easy setup and operation. Simple controls allow for quick adjustments to the feeder and drum speeds to tailor the trommel screen to suit various applications. Additionally, the optional advanced control panel with an intelligent feed system enables the operator to continually adjust the feeder speed to optimize screening rates.

Enhancing Screening Efficiency and Throughput 

The TTS-620SE benefits from an electric head-driven feed conveyor to prevent the slippage associated with a tail drive configuration whilst under load. This provides a consistent material feed onto the screening drum, enhancing screening efficiency and throughput. Due to this, users can enjoy heightened operational efficiency, improved screening quality, and reduced maintenance needs.

Ease of Access for Operation and Maintenance

Special emphasis has been placed on reducing the change-out time for the TTS-620SE's 5.5-metre by 2-metre screening drum. Large access doors and a retractable feeder cassette enable quick drum changes. The machine has also been designed to accept screening drums from other manufacturers. The full-length doors on both sides of the trommel drum offer unobstructed access for maintenance and cleaning. 

The TTS-620SE is available to order.

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