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Rotochopper's compact shredder for versatile material downsizing and recycling

A shredder shreds wood at a recycling yard
A Rotochopper Sarlac shredder Rotochopper

Rotochopper has launched the Sarlac shredder, a new machine designed for material downsizing and recycling for businesses operating across a wide range of industries. Rotochopper says that Sarlac is a patent-pending shear point shredding solution that offers efficiency in downsizing materials for businesses seeking cost-effective material handling.

As the market is looking for sustainable and economically viable practices, Sarlac is a choice for businesses looking to increase profitability while reducing waste. Sarlac downsizes materials that would typically be discarded, presenting an opportunity for revenue generation through recycling. The machine enhances workplace safety and comfort, with a low noise level and reduced airborne dust making it the ideal choice for a variety of work environments.

What are the features of the Rotochopper Sarlac shredder?

  • The Sarlac shredder is designed to occupy a small amount of space while delivering ideal performance, making it a versatile option for operations and workflows.
  • The machine offers a cost-effective approach to material downsizing and recycling.
  • The Sarlac shredder is ideal for downsizing various materials, enabling businesses to process waste effectively and reduce disposal costs.
  • By recycling materials that would otherwise be discarded, the Sarlac shredder opens new revenue streams for businesses.

"Sarlac's versatility allows us to help more customers with their needs. Its compact design, low noise level, and reduced airborne dust allow Sarlac to be used in more applications," said Chad Angeli, Rotochopper's vice president of customer experience. "We're confident it will help us create more partnerships with new and existing customers."

Rotochopper says that Sarlac caters to the needs of small pallet manufacturers and similar businesses, providing another solution when larger Rotochopper equipment might not be a suitable option. Customizable to specific needs, the shredder offers versatility with different electric motor size options and conveyor configurations.

"We are excited to introduce Sarlac to the market, offering a compact and cost-effective solution that empowers businesses to efficiently manage their waste while unlocking new revenue streams through recycling," said Tosh Brinkerhoff, Rotochopper's CEO.

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