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Grassroots Recycling's UNTHA shredder elevates agricultural plastic recycling capabilities

A shredder inside of a large facility
An UNTHA LRK 1400 shredder Grassroots Recycling

Grassroots Recycling has invested in an UNTHA LRK 1400 shredder. Grassroots Recycling says that this is a step toward enhancing operations and furthering its mission to assist Britain's farmers and growers in responsibly recycling plastic waste.

Established in 2006, Grassroots Recycling has provided flexible solutions – including local collections and delivery services from its recycling centre in Wiltshire and its FarmXS drop-in centres which specialize in farm plastics. The company wants to ensure that all farm plastics are collected and recycled following the highest environmental standards.

Grassroots Recycling sought a machine that could handle higher throughput while maintaining reliability and compatibility with existing infrastructure. They say that the LRK1400 shredder from UNTHA UK addressed those needs, offering a larger machine with increased input capacity.

This new shredder allows Grassroots Recycling to process an average of 375 kilograms per hour. An anticipated 4:1 size reduction of its hard plastics will see the firm free up considerable space within its premises, enabling a greater volume of material to be brought to the site and increasing productivity, pace, and profitability long term.

"We previously had a small four-shaft shredder from another manufacturer, which served us well, but our growth required a solution with higher throughput," said Grassroots Recycling's General Manager Jason Goddard. "Saving over 3,000 tonnes of plastic waste from landfill each year is no small feat. And as this figure grows, so too does our reliance on technology that can process these streams with ease and pace.

"This investment in the LRK 1400 shredder, along with our broader equipment and employee training initiatives, not only meets our capacity needs but also integrates seamlessly with our conveyors, ensuring a truly streamlined workflow. The ability to now scale our shredding and granulation processes is a significant step change, which we expect to propel Grassroots' continued recycling growth, especially as we further vertically integrate our operations."

In addition to the machine purchase, Grassroots Recycling has secured a three-year service plan from UNTHA UK. This package provides direct access to UNTHA's technical aftersales network.

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