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EverestLabs reports growing AI and robotics adoption by recyclers

A sorting robot installed above a conveyor
EverestLabs' technology uses compact robots that can be installed on a conveyor system in under one hour EverestLabs

EverestLabs has reported a growing commercial success working with companies including Republic Services, Pioneer Recycling Services, KW Plastics, UWS, and SMR. EverestLabs is observing faster decision-making by MRF operators and reduced deployment cycles, underscoring a maturing market and need for AI-powered technology solutions that alleviate labour and inflation challenges, increase material recovery rates, and help EPR efforts with existing infrastructure.

"The recycling industry faces many challenges today. Hiring challenges, rising costs, and the lack of operational data at our fingertips are three paramount issues for us," says Tommy Crenshaw, CEO at Pioneer Recycling Services. "EverestLabs' RecycleOS addressed all three issues rapidly in our first deployment. As a result, we are expanding our partnership and are looking forward to a whole new level of plant automation. Adding EverestLabs to our facilities has proved indispensable."

EverestLabs' technology uses compact robots that can be installed on a conveyor system in under one hour. These robots are picking as high as 60 attempts per minute and have a success rate of over 85 percent over the robot's lifetime. Recyclers can also utilize a proactive monitoring and a remote troubleshooting feature. EverestLabs' RecycleOS increases material recovery rates by up to 40 percent and lowers labour and disposal costs by 40 to 60 percent.

"The immense value our customers are seeing in as little as one month after implementing our RecycleOS AI and robotics solutions proves our thesis that AI-powered automation seamlessly integrated with existing MRF infrastructure is a must-have for a high-quality, profitable recycling operation," says JD Ambati, founder and CEO of EverestLabs. "Expensive retrofits or changes to infrastructure shouldn't be necessary when considering a new technology, and MRFs shouldn't have to be experts in running their AI and robotic fleet, either. Over 75 percent of our customers have expanded their partnerships with us since their initial investment. We're thrilled to continue supporting their digital transformation journeys."

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