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BuildingGreen names Green Mountain Technologies' Earth Flow Composting System one of its Top Ten Products for 2014

BuildingGreen names Green Mountain Technologies' Earth Flow Composting System one of its Top Ten Products for 2014

BuildingGreen recently named Green Mountain Technologies' Earth Flow Composting System as one of its "Top Ten Products for 2014." BuildingGreen is committed to providing accurate, unbiased, and timely information designed to help building-industry professionals and policy makers improve the environmental performance, and reduce the adverse impacts of buildings.   

Cited for its unique control of odours, small footprint, vector management and leachate handling, the Earth Flow is BuildingGreen's choice for on-site composting.

According to Green Mountain Technologies, the advantages to composting at the source of waste generation include the decrease and/or elimination of disposal costs and creation of a product that would otherwise be imported to the site. The by-product of the composting process is a stable and useable mulch for surrounding landscape or growing sites. It is also a value added product that can be sold to the surrounding wholesale/retail market.  

The initial announcement was made in late 2013. The Top 10 Products are chosen from a wide variety of green building products added in 2012-13 to the GreenSpec database, published by BuildingGreen, Inc.

GreenSpec, along with Environmental Building News (EBN), are well respected by industry professionals for providing authoritative information on sustainable design and construction. The products are selected from one common theme - the ability to solve a problem. As stated on the website, the Top 10 awards go to those products who "move the needle: solving environmental problems while offering viable commercial appeal for real-world projects".  

The GMT Earth Flow composting system is an in-vessel system that can process up to 6 tons of organic waste per day. Due to the containment of the vessel, odors, vectors and leachate run off are no longer a concern. Elimination of these nuisances and concerns allow the Earth Flow to be placed much closer to the source of the waste generation.    

Financial analysis show avoided costs for processing waste on site can be substantial. The Earth Flow has also found value in the significant reduction of volume achieved through the process. If aggressively agitated the organic material can reach a 50% reduction offering a tremendous savings if the material is being trucked long distances to large commercial composting yards.

University of Maine: Closing the Loop The Earth Flow has also been cited as an excellent advanced mixing process to ready organic waste for windrows, allowing for a much shorter processing time in the row.  

Visit the University of Maine's website for a video on how they are using the Earth Flow to make a difference on campus.  

GMT says they are thrilled to be honoured by such a prestigious entity in the green building industry.      

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