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At Green Mountain Technologies, Inc. it’s all about compost. Since 1992 we’ve been dedicated to helping forward-thinking organizations reduce their environmental footprint, save money and produce high quality compost. We know that different circumstances demand different approaches to composting. With this in mind, Green Mountain Technologies has developed a comprehensive product line that includes sophisticated large-scale technologies for biosolids, windrows, Aerated Static Pile (ASP) solutions, cutting-edge software, probes and some of the most popular in-vessel systems in the country.

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Green Mountain Technologies introduces new portable in-vessel composting system

GMT has developed a portable system for composting food waste at resorts, mining camps, military bases and other remote communities. The Intermodal Earth Flow uses a re-purposed shipping container to make shipping easy and to reduce costs. The Earth Flow system is equipped with fully automated mixing, aeration and moisture addition systems for optimal compost process management and odor control. The shipping container is lined with insulation and stainless steel for a long service life.

Enviro-Smart Composting Facility First Of Its Kind in B.C.

Daryl Goodwin is an ex-pilot, so by nature he is someone who likes to make sure things are done right. As the founder and president of Enviro-Smart Organics Ltd., located in Delta, B.C. (south of Vancouver), he built his original building for composting in 2007 to handle mostly food industry waste, and as an addition to his Westcoast Instant Lawns turf growing business. This is still a central part of his overall operations today, and benefits directly from the high-quality compost created at the facility. Up until recently, Enviro-Smart’s compost aeration system used low pressure positive air delivered by aeration trenches cast in concrete.

Automating the Aerated Static Pile

Jeff West comes from a waste industry background. He spent multiple years managing companies for large waste hauling firms, including Allied Waste (now Republic Services ) and Waste Management, Inc. In 2007, West and daughter Stephanie founded their own recycling company called New Day Recycling, a commercial waste recycling specialist that collects and processes mainly commercial single-stream mixed waste such as cardboard. The company, based in Kingston, Washington, in the Puget Sound region, also collects and hauls both pre- and postconsumer organic waste.

BuildingGreen names Green Mountain Technologies' Earth Flow Composting System one of its Top Ten Products for 2014

BuildingGreen recently named Green Mountain Technologies' Earth Flow Composting System as one of its "Top Ten Products for 2014." BuildingGreen is committed to providing accurate, unbiased, and timely information designed to help building-industry professionals and policy makers improve the environmental performance, and reduce the adverse impacts of buildings.   

Wireless compost monitoring system

Green Mountain’s Windrow Manager Wireless Probe system allows for automated temperature data monitoring of compost piles and eliminates the need for staff to gather daily temperature data. Sites can be monitored remotely and units provide warning in case of fires or overheating piles.  

Windrow Manager 3.0 Compost Management Software

Windrow Manager 3.0 is Green Mountain Technologies’ latest version of their PC-based Windrow Manager software for managing and documenting the composting process. This technology can now be hosted in the Cloud and users can use an iPhone or iPad, along with Green Mountain’s specialized app for data sampling in the field.

On-site food waste composter

The Earth Tub is designed specifically for on-site composting of food-wastes. It is a fully enclosed composting vessel featuring power mixing, compost aeration and biofiltration of all process air. This self-contained unit is ideal for composting at schools, universities, restaurants, hospitals and supermarkets. 

Wireless temperature monitoring

This wireless version Windrow Manager software package features wireless probes that replace a handheld Pocket PC probe. This eliminates the need to have personnel sampling in the field. These systems are adaptable for recording temperature and moisture data for any kind of open pile or in-vessel compost system. The unit’s battery powered wireless transmitters have a range of up to 0.8 km (1/2-mile) and the base station will automatically store up to 16,000 temperature readings prior to downloading to a PC.

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