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Machinex collaboration delivers single-stream processing system to Guantanamo Bay

A sign for a U.S. naval base and a Machinex facility
Machinex's single-stream processing system in a U.S. naval base in Guantanamo Bay, Cuba. Machinex

Machinex has successfully launched a new single-stream processing system as well as other various waste processing/baling/shredding equipment for the U.S. naval station in Guantanamo Bay, Cuba. The project was a collaboration between Machinex, HDR, and RQ Construction.

All three companies had yet to collaborate with each other in the past. Despite the unfamiliarity, the project from bid response, to project management, and to the installation and startup was seamless. Both HDR and RQ Construction chose to work with Machinex because of the company's experience in the recycling industry and because Machinex had the ability to offer a strong solution to the U.S. naval base.

"As this was a federal bid, it was a new and demanding process that required precision and the highest level of planning. Machinex not only kept schedules during tumultuous times but also was instrumental in making sure the entire project went as planned," says Cody Phillips, on-site project manager for RQ Construction. 

Jerome Lemay, the lead project manager for Machinex agreed. "When I first heard of this project and the intricacies involved, I thought it would be a challenge to plan all of the details knowing one little mistake could have a major impact on the schedule. One of the most interesting challenges was access to the island for both the equipment and our crews. The size of the project required a total of approximately 40+ containers. With RQs barge leaving only every two to three weeks for island delivery of the equipment coupled with two naval planes in and out per week for crews, we were able to complete our tasks with the help of RQ Construction."

Chris Hawn, the CEO of Machinex Technologies, says that the project was the highest of priorites for Machinex

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