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Five North American projects lead Machinex to a record-setting quarter

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The common point between all the recent Machinex projects is innovation and technology.

The second quarter of Machinex's year is leading to another record year for the company. As innovation is at the core of modern material recovery facilities (MRFs), Machinex is engaged in delivering systems integrating high-technology equipment. This year was particularly successful as Machinex signed several noticeable contracts in North America, to deliver new systems in 2023. 

The common point between all the recent Machinex projects is innovation and technology. Advanced recycling requires advanced technology. Using interconnectivity and artificial intelligence within high-technology equipment helps Machinex to optimize MRF operation.  

Location one – Santa Rosa

As Machinex continues its expansion, a new 50 tons per hour project in California including no less than seven MACH Hyspec optical sorters will be delivered in 2023 to Recology. Recology's objectives were to add significant capacity, increase automation to improve product quality and efficiency, and fit a modern processing system into an existing facility. Machinex's challenge was to meet the throughput goal of 50 tons per hour, with substantial automation and to make the entire system fit within a site and building that had limited available space.

"This project provides a lot of opportunities for us to increase the capacity and efficiency of our facility while simultaneously improving the quality of our products and increasing the diversion of the recyclable material we receive at the Recology Sonoma Marin MRF," said Sal Coniglio, CEO of Recology. "It also allows us to further reduce our emissions – a huge focus and point of pride for our company. By partnering with the trusted experts at Machinex and investing in this cutting-edge technology, we're taking a giant step towards achieving our resource recovery goals and delivering on our vision of a world without waste." 

Locations two and three – Charlestown & Willimantic

Machinex was selected for two projects by its longtime partner Casella. The projects have Machinex delivering a new MRF in Charlestown, M.A. and Willimantic, C.T.

"Working with Casella over the years has always been a pleasure. The system components have been proven within past retrofits, and the collaborative knowledge of both the Casella and Machinex teams will bring to life systems that we are both proud to say we designed. With experienced operators, we pride ourselves in designing the system with the customer as opposed to for the customer," says Chris Hawn, CEO of Machinex Technologies Inc.

Location four – Western Canada

This brand-new single-stream system will soon be delivered for another longtime client, located in Western Canada. This project has a processing capacity of 27 tonnes per hour integrating sorting equipment such as five MACH Hyspec optical sorters and a SamurAI sorting robot. This partner has been maintaining a devoted and continuous investment habit for highly automated projects and flexible systems. While ambitious goals are being presented to Machinex in terms of performance and system integration, ingenious project design from the Machinex team has been required and adopted by the client.

Location five - Columbus

Machinex was also selected by another longtime partner, Rumpke Waste & Recycling to deliver a brand new 56 tons per hour residential single-stream project in Columbus, Ohio. The new material recovery facility will feature sorting capabilities and the most automation available, and will also be one of the largest dedicated residential single-stream systems in the U.S. 

These results were made possible thanks to the 360 organization of the company. From designing to the start-up, all steps of the projects are made internally to ensure high quality and cutting-edge systems delivery  Machinex is able to rely on its experience and an efficient team, continuously looking for improvement.

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