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Routeware to debut fleet decarbonization and real-time video solutions at WasteExpo 2022

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Returning to the show for the first time since the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic, Routeware will introduce new technology to help address ongoing sector challenges.

Routeware will debut a number of new technology solutions at WasteExpo 2022.

"We're thrilled to be getting back together with customers in person at WasteExpo, and we're looking forward to hearing the ideas, suggestions, and wish-list items that have been percolating in their organizations. We'll share our product roadmap and introduce new features," says Tom Malone, CEO of Routeware.

Returning to the show for the first time since the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic, Routeware will introduce new technology to help address ongoing sector challenges, such as fuel costs, risk mitigation and resilience, driver shortages, and recycling legislation.

Fuel-saving fleet decarbonization solutions

With the driver shortage and the cost of fuel rising rapidly, fleet efficiency remains a key priority for both municipal and private haulers. The latest generation of Routeware's fleet automation solutions delivers reliable service verification, photo, and video capture across a wider range of Routeware's computers, and complete integration with route optimization software to further drive productivity and efficiency.

Fully integrated, real-time video solutions

The expanded use of video by haulers to improve both customer service and safety is also evident in the unique integration of real-time video services into the back-office solutions for customer management, routing, and dispatch. By giving customer service staff the evidence they need to push back on false complaints, they can significantly reduce the frequency of go-backs and the volume of future calls.

Better digital engagement and experiences

Customer service and experience remain high priorities in a competitive market, and Routeware continues to see the rapidly increasing use of online communication, education, and self-service technology as a key trend in the waste and recycling sector. In areas such as customer service, recycling education and engagement, and commerce, Routeware has developed digital tools that allow haulers to embed the necessary functionality on their own websites – and via custom apps – to allow residents and businesses to self-serve online.

Routeware at WasteExpo

Visitors to Routeware's WasteExpo booth will have the opportunity to demo the new technology and play a waste sorting game to test their knowledge about recycling across the U.S. Clients are invited to participate in focus-group sessions at the booth and meet with senior leadership.

Routeware will kick things off Monday morning with WasteExpo's first learning session at 8:15 a.m. "Mobile Apps: The Waste and Recycling Industry at Your Fingertips" will feature ReCollect account executive Ryan Buhay, a past Waste360 40 Under 40 Award recipient, and Routeware clients Waste Connections and City of Austin.

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