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TerraCycle Regulated Waste makes recycling for businesses easier with website reboot

Streamlined user experience and additional features make it simple to implement sustainability solutions

TerraCycle regulated waste recycling boxes for businesses

Recognizing that busy business owners, facilities managers, and contractors may only have a few precious moments to spare for their sustainability programs on a daily basis, TerraCycle Regulated Waste (TCRW), a commercial recycling solution provider that specializes in the collection and repurposing of complex regulated waste streams, has launched a new and improved website to make it easier than ever to establish, implement and meet sustainability targets. 

In order to facilitate the effective and compliant management of regulated, universal and hazardous waste such as florescent lamps, batteries, aerosols and personal protective equipment, TCRW has implemented enhanced website functionalities for an improved e-comm experience with robust new features. TCRW customers can now enjoy guest checkout and QR code functionality on a new mobile-friendly website for quick, on-the-go recycling access. That, coupled with the new ability to track shipments in real time, ensures that they are never caught without a recycling solution. All of this, packaged in an improved and streamlined user interface, is ready to take the guesswork and headaches out of overseeing a sustainability program of any size. 

TerraCycle Regulated Waste's EasyPak is designed to make recycling waste from businesses easier.

Added features on the new TCRW website include:

•  Guest checkout implemented for quick purchases 
•  QR Code functionality added to EasyPak boxes so team         members on the warehouse floor can scan a box with their     smartphones and jump to the new website
•  optimized for mobile use for on-the-go access
•  General streamlining of user interface to ensure the most      efficient experience
•  Free shipping for all online EasyPak purchases.

"TerraCycle Regulated Waste has always been committed to helping businesses meet their sustainability goals efficiently and without any of the guesswork," said Kevin Flynn, Global Vice President of TerraCycle Operations and Director of TerraCycle Regulated Waste. "This website refresh is our way of doubling-down on this commitment as we give our customers new powerful tools to help get the job done."

To learn about TerraCycle Regulated Waste, visit the new website at

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121 New York Ave
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