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Compology launches Clean and Green city grants initiative

Compology has launched their Clean and Green grants initiative. The grants will be offered to 25 municipalities of any size throughout the United States and provide cities with Compology's technology enabling them to take control of their landfill waste, improve recycling rates, lower carbon emissions, and save money.  

As a result of outdated infrastructure, much of the country's waste ends up in landfills, which are responsible for 15 percent of the United States's total methane emissions.  While many European countries recycle more than half of their total waste, the US recycles less than a third. 

Decades of disinvestment in green technology leaves many recycling facilities unable to properly sort materials, diverting 30 percent of recyclable materials directly into landfills. Compology's smart camera and AI-powered waste metering technology mitigates this problem ensuring containments are identified and removed prior to entering a recycling facility.

Compology will provide each grantee with up to ten of their military-grade smart cameras, which they'll install on commercial municipal waste and recycling dumpsters throughout the city. Using their secure artificial intelligence software, Compology will then provide each municipality with data to reduce unnecessary and costly waste pickups, enhance recycling rates, and highlight reduced carbon emissions. 

In addition to the environmental impacts, Compology's technology results in an average of almost $2000 in savings per year per dumpster, helping each city rightsize it's service needs.  When implemented across hundreds of dumpsters citywide, that's equal to millions of dollars saved each year.

"For far too long cities and businesses have had to decide between doing the right thing for the environment or for budgets," said Jason Gates, Chief Executive Officer of Compology. "Our eco-friendly waste-metering technology helps governments and corporations save thousands of dollars each year while having a positive measurable impact on their environment. Through our new grant program we're thrilled to help cities do good while doing well - helping them meet both their sustainability and budget goals."

Compology's Clean and Green grants will be awarded on a rolling basis. 

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