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Compology provides camera-based dumpster monitoring solutions built for waste, recycling and compost.

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Solid Waste

​Compology bin monitoring technology to help reduce organics contamination and GHG emissions

Compology's cameras automatically identify and measure contamination to provide standardized scoring, alerts, and reports to reduce contamination at the source.

The Alameda County Waste Management Authority (StopWaste) has been awarded a $263,000 grant by the Bay Area Air Quality Management District to work with Livermore Sanitation, Inc. (LSI) and use Compology's automated, camera-based dumpster monitoring technology to reduce contamination in commercial business compost streams and increase diversion of organics from landfills. Diversion Strategies will oversee the tracking and reporting of progress.

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Charity Recycling Service reduces costs with textile recycling bin monitoring technology

Compology automatically measures bin fullness and provides multiple images each day for simple, remote verification via web-based software.

Charity Recycling Service (CRS), a for-profit textile collection company, annually collects over 20,000,000 pounds of textiles across 15 states. With a focus on protecting the environment, its recycling program keeps millions of pounds of unwanted items out of the landfills, saves countless gallons of water and fuel, and stops the release of millions of pounds of CO2 into the atmosphere.

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Leading Edge Security Technology

Caliber Communications Inc. is a technology-based Canadian company that has created a flexible, cost effective and reliable replacement to physical guarding services. The company has engineered and developed a unique communications platform that operates on the cellular infrastructure anywhere in North America. To date, this platform has been specifically utilized for applications requiring remote security monitoring in a variety of  industries, locations and settings. The platform is completely modular and can be completely independent of existing infrastructure where no resources are available.  This allows the units to be set up anywhere they are required to provide effective security coverage. If power is not readily available, the units are designed to operate on very low wattage making solar power a viable solution.  All units provide 360 degrees of situational awareness with stationary cameras. Additionally, all units come equipped with a PTZ camera (pan, tilt, zoom) to drill into the images and gather specific data for evidence.

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Organics Recycling
Solid Waste

The Value of image-based Sensors

Compology’s web-based software simplifies inventory management.

There's a shift happening in the way we, as individuals and collectively, think about minimizing our impact on our environment. Financial, political and environmental pressures are putting an increasing emphasis on consumers, businesses and governments to be more efficient, produce less waste and handle the waste we do generate more effectively. We see this across all industries, through increasing commitments to sustainable practices, and across all levels of government, through increasing numbers of environmentally-focused programs and mandates.

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