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Veolia France orders three new sorting robots from Machinex

Machinex's SamurAI sorting robot

Veolia Group has ordered three sorting robots from Machinex which will be installed at Bègles, near Bordeaux in France. 

The implementation of these robots will take place as part of modernization work on the single-stream material recovery facility (MRF), provided for the public service delegation contract for recovery and treatment of domestic waste in metropolitan area of Bordeaux Metropole. Their installation is scheduled for Fall 2022. 

These three robots will integrate a new single-stream system that can handle new streams resulting from the extension of sorting instruction, offering real performance guarantees. Two robots will perform the quality control of clear PET and PE/PP by retrieving other recoverable and unwanted materials that may be present. In addition, a third SamurAI will be placed on the rejects line to recover a maximum amount of materials at this time of the process.

Machinex's SamurAI robot stands out with its powerful grasping tool. "We went further into development to obtain a unique and very powerful suction tool that offers excellent grasping capabilities. Indeed, no matter the Artificial Intelligence's performance, the robot must capture designated materials, despite their shape or weight. Our recent experience shows us that the SamurAI performs outstandingly to grasp the hardest containers such as big HDPE with an irregular shape," explains Étienne Lessard, Project Director at Machinex.

Machinex's robots vacuum and capture plastic films and bags to separate them from recyclable commodities. Machinex's SamurAI robots are evolving, and the fourth generation has been designed to make it more modular and facilitate its use, thanks to a more accessible control panel.

"Our leasing solution fits perfectly into the business model of large groups as well as smaller companies," adds Lessard. "They also benefit from full and optimal exploitation of the equipment throughout the duration of the MACH Cloud agreement, with an option of extending this option. That ensures the customer benefits from continuous performance optimization."

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