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TOMRA to showcase metals sorting technology in virtual ISRI 2021 exhibit

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TOMRA Sorting Recycling will feature its range of metals sorting technology during the virtual ISRI 2021 convention & exposition, April 20-22 and April 27-29. Through a blend of video, product displays, customer testimonials and TOMRA team member interaction, the TOMRA ISRI exhibit will guide recyclers through the right sorting technology for different metal material streams.  

TOMRA's virtual exhibit will be divided into four different material stream pillars - end-of-life vehicle (ELV) processing, e-scrap, aluminum and waste-to-energy. The exhibit gives in-depth detail of the technologies recyclers employ to profitably sort these different materials. 

ELV processing

Over the last 20 years, TOMRA's partnership with WENDT has advanced ELV shredding and sorting. WENDT systems exclusively feature TOMRA metals sorting technology, which is found in 8 of the top 10 scrap recycling facilities in North America. Attendees will see how one ELV processor is employing TOMRA technology to sort metal mono-fractions more efficiently and profitably. 

TOMRA's FINDER used by many ELV processors is known for effectively recovering high purity metal fractions, regardless of composition complexity or grain size. X-TRACT for magnesium removal uses XRT technology to help ELV operations produce low-magnesium Twitch from Zorba across the full-size spectrum from 0.2-4.7 in (5-120 mm). 


Processing e-scrap is challenging with the landscape constantly changing. The material stream consists of many different plastic colours and grades, and manufacturers are creating varied printed circuit board (PCB) colours - red, blue, green, yellow, etc. Processors need a flexible sorting system to effectively sort the material stream. 

ISRI attendees will learn how the largest family-owned e-scrap processor in Georgia uses TOMRA AUTOSORT FINES near infrared (NIR) and visible spectroscopy (VIS) technologies to selectively sort the stream by colour and material composite. The company's recently installed automated e-scrap sorting circuit featuring AUTOSORT FINES expanded processing capacity by 300 percent. 

Aluminum smelters

Nearly 80 percent of aluminum processing facilities worldwide using sensor-based sorting to produce high purity aluminum scrap rely on TOMRA technology. In head-to-head testing with alternative sorting equipment, TOMRA X-TRACT, featuring dual processing technology, effectively separates aluminum from mixed heavy metal fractions to deliver unmatched recycled aluminum purity. Its superior sensor and X-ray set-up can also detect subtle density differences between aluminum and magnesium. 

The enhanced X-ray technology found in X-TRACT X6 FINES sorts metal grains as small as 0.2 in (5 mm) in size at purity rates reaching 98-99 percent. 


As sustainability efforts increasingly call for more materials to be diverted from landfills, the waste-to-energy market continues to expand. Incinerator bottom ash (IBA) resulting from the combustion of waste contains valuable metals that can be sorted to further increase sustainability efforts and profitability.

TOMRA X-TRACT effectively sorts aluminum from heavier metals like copper, brass and zinc as well as coins. Adding TOMRA COMBISENSE with FLUID COOL technology for maximum yield stability to the line allows heavy metals to be further sorted by colour to maximize product recovery and profits. 

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