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Ecoverse hosts demo day at St. Louis Composting

people with hardhats on assemble at ecoverse demo day

Ecoverse, together with local equipment dealer Modern Tech Equipment, hosted more than 60 customers on site at St. Louis Composting and Total Organics for a day of machine displays and demonstrations. 

Staged for inspection and demonstration on the St. Louis Composting site were the Doppstadt Inventhor Type 6 and Type 9 high-torque shredders, a Doppstadt AK 640 high-speed grinder, Doppstadt SM 720K and 726 trommel screens, a Backers 3-tal star screen, the EcoSift Ventus 4 decontamination system and Aeras air sifter, the Ecostack conveyor and the BACKHUS A60 compost turner.

Attendees were given a detailed walkthrough of each machine to emphasize specific features and benefits unique to each before they were fired up for a performance demonstration. Various stocks of logs, green waste, wood waste and compost were processed to show functionality and provide a real-world operational scenario. 

The event then continued at Total Organics, a second site located roughly 20 minutes from St. Louis Composting. A cutting-edge food processing operation, attendees were able to see the Tiger depackaging system and Doppstadt Biopress dewatering screw in action. The Tiger is used in separating organic content from inorganic packaging, and the Biopress allows for accurate processing of liquid fractions to achieve a precise water content in the finished product. 

Micheal McCusker, president of Modern Tech Equipment which is the Midwest distribution partner for Ecoverse, was quick to praise the whole effort. 

"There is no better educational experience for customers than to be hosted on site for in-person equipment demonstrations. It offers them a chance to ask questions, connect with product experts and interact with their industry peers. We really enjoy partnering with Ecoverse on these events and we're already looking forward to the next one." 

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