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Recycling Partnership impact report shows positive changes for residential recycling

More than $90 million invested to assist over 1,500 U.S. communities address challenges of recycling streams

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The Recycling Partnership has released the 2020 recycling industry impact report titled Transforming for Good: Driving U.S. System Solutions Toward a Circular Economy. As a funding partner and the Voice of the Recycling Industry, the Institute of Scrap Recycling Industries (ISRI) applauds efforts of the organization and all those who contributed research and data, educational tools, and other resources to create the report and advance recycling. 

According to ISRI, when communities, industry stakeholders, and brands all work together to address challenges in the recycling stream, positive change can be accomplished, as is demonstrated by the Recycling Partnership's 2020 Impact Report

"Through the programs highlighted in this report that are successfully extending access to recycling programs and improving education, people across America are rediscovering recycling," said Robin Wiener, president of ISRI. "As people see the essential nature of recycling in their daily lives, more material will be entering the residential recycling stream with less contamination. These success stories of impact can be built upon in the months and years ahead to make an even bigger difference in communities."

The report shows how the Recycling Partnership invested more than $90 million to assist over 1,500 communities address challenges in their residential recycling streams. The results showed the following impact:

  • 700,000 households received new recycling carts;
  • 230 million pounds of recyclables materials destined for landfills instead entered the recycling stream;
  • 251,000 metric tons of carbon emissions prevented; and 
  • 77 million households reached.

"Working together to strengthen the U.S. residential recycling system through investment, innovation, and market demand initiatives, we have the ability working together to further strengthen recycling in communities across the country," concluded Wiener. "ISRI, as the organization representing those who process recyclable materials, will continue to play a pivotal role moving these efforts forward."

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