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About the Recycling Partnership

The Recycling Partnership is a national nonprofit transforming recycling in towns all across America. At The Recycling Partnership, we believe that recycling is fundamental to a healthy environment and economy. Every day, we work hand-in-hand with communities and companies, continuously innovating to improve recycling systems. Because when we do, jobs are created, our environment is protected, and communities thrive.

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Recycling Partnership offers online tool to help clarify recyclable materials messaging

The Recycling Partnership has announced the public beta launch of DIYSigns, the debut of a free online resource that anyone can use to help people know what to throw into their recycling bins. Whether at home, at the office, at school, at a sports stadium, or anywhere, education is needed to show what is recyclable and where.

​Re-TRAC Connect and Recycling Partnership announce BETA launch of Municipal Measurement Program

Re-TRAC Connect and The Recycling Partnership have launched the first phase of the Municipal Measurement Program (MMP) to provide municipalities with a robust and accessible materials management program analysis and planning tool. It was designed, with industry assistance, to standardize terminology and harmonize methodologies in support of consistent measurement across the U.S. and Canada.  This innovative program will empower municipalities to benchmark performance and then identify and replicate bright spots, leading to better investment decisions and a stronger U.S. recycling system.

Recycling Partnership and PepsiCo Foundation launch largest-ever industry challenge to boost U.S. residential recycling

The PepsiCo Foundation and national non-profit The Recycling Partnership, have announced the launch of "All In On Recycling" -- the largest ever industry-wide residential recycling challenge to make recycling easier for 25 million families across the U.S. The PepsiCo Foundation is providing $10 million in funding to jumpstart the challenge, which is one of the largest-ever public gifts of its kind. The goal of the challenge is to raise $25 million in total donations from leading businesses, companies, and organizations. In addition to contributions from other corporations, the more than 2,800 communities that participate in the initiative are expected to triple the collective investment, catalyzing roughly $75 million in municipal funding, and bringing the total amount of support to $100 million. 

​ExxonMobil first global energy company to join The Recycling Partnership

Global leader ExxonMobil is the first energy company to join The Recycling Partnership, a rapidly growing national nonprofit that leverages corporate investment to transform recycling for good in hundreds of communities across the country. Through support and collaboration, ExxonMobil, along with 34 other companies including Coca-Cola, Target, Amazon, Pepsi, Starbucks and P&G, is helping The Recycling Partnership create a sustainable future through recycling.

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Industry Collaboration Delivers More Than $80,000 for Recycling Education Grants

The Recycling Partnership announced the recipients of its Steve Thompson Memorial Education Grants program to bring more than 50 recycling professionals from across the U.S. to Minneapolis for the 2017 Resource Recycling Conference to further their recycling education. At the end of 2016, The Recycling Partnership released its 2016 State of Curbside report, identifying the key attributes of the highest-performing recycling programs in the U.S. The single attribute found in 100 percent of those communities was engagement in "public action," where local program staff were actively managing their programs. In other words, recycling professionals are the key to better program performance.

Making Denver One of the Greatest Recycling Cities in the U.S.

How to make a great recycling city even better? That was the question Denver Public Works took on this year with The Recycling Partnership, a national nonprofit organization that applies corporate partner funding to improve the recycling system in cities and towns across the nation, thus increasing supplies of clean materials for manufacturing. Over the next three months, The Recycling Partnership will work with Denver Public Works to increase the city's already notable ability to recover materials. Denver's residential recycling program is already outperforming the national average in terms of quality of material collected, but there is more material to be recovered.

Recycling Partnership Releases 2016 Annual Report

 How do you create impact? In its newly released 2016 Annual Report, U.S.-based nonprofit The Recycling Partnership asks and answers that very question. The report highlights real-time benefits of the transformative organization’s work, focusing on year-on-year growth, systems solutions across the supply chain, and the multiplier effect that intelligently-deployed new infrastructure delivers.