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Improving ferrous metal recovery in energy-from-waste

Eriez white paper highlights how P-Rex Scrap Drum can help maximize ferrous recovery

Eriez P-Rex drum

In response to the growing need to recover more metals from bottom ash in energy-from-waste (EfW) applications, Eriez has released a new white paper which describes how the innovative P-Rex Scrap Drum can help maximize ferrous recovery. 

"P-Rex Distinguishes itself in Energy-from-Waste Applications," written by Eriez Director of Heavy Industry Darrell Milton, is available now on the company's website.

The paper begins by offering background information and case studies. It explains that one report determined all United States EfW facilities combined are recovering more than 700,000 tons of metals for recycling annually. Yet some 250 million tons of trash containing metals is still going to landfills every year. Approximately three percent of the waste stream is metal, so 7.5 million tons of recoverable metals are lost.

As reported in the white paper, the P-Rex Scrap Drum Magnet is the most powerful magnetic drum on the market today.

Its strength and revolutionary design allows for the highest level of ferrous metal recovery possible from bottom ash. Prior to the introduction of P-Rex, processors had to accept reduced revenue because of more limited metal recovery systems.

 The white paper reveals that advanced engineering and rare earth magnet technology give P-Rex the advantage in critical performance areas: superior edge-to-edge separation, no "transfer point" drop in magnetic force and no decline in performance due to heat.

 "P-Rex Distinguishes itself in Energy-from-Waste Applications" includes a variety of photos and cutaway drawings to enhance readers' understanding of how this groundbreaking equipment operates.

"We developed this white paper because even some of the largest and most successful EfW facilities are missing substantial ferrous recovery opportunities," says Milton. "Our aim as a recycling industry leader is to educate professionals about our cutting edge solutions--such as P-Rex--which give users the ability to cash in on the significant revenue stream available through greater recovery of ferrous metals."

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