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Tide and TerraCycle launch Eco-Box Recycling Program

Sustainable Packaging solutions focus for TerraCycle

Tide and TerraCycle launch Eco-Box Recycling Program

Building on its commitment to developing sustainable laundry solutions, Tide is proud to announce its strategic partnership with international recycler TerraCycle. This will allow the new Tide Eco-Box packaging to be 100 percent recyclable from bag to box, according to TerraCycle.

The new Tide Eco-Box is designed to be environmentally friendly. Its new ultra-concentrated Tide formula is produced with 30% less water, and its package has 60% less plastic than the equivalent bottled size. The innovative boxed design doesn't require wasteful secondary packaging and takes up less space than the equivalent bottle, which means fewer trucks needed to transport it to stores. 
"TerraCycle is the logical next step for us, because we want to ensure that not only is the product designed for more eco-friendly shipping and usage, but that every element of it is 100% recyclable, and recyclable through a very seamless process," said P&G Brand Manager Isaac Hellemn.
Through the Tide Eco-Box Recycling Program, consumers can recycle all of the packaging from the Eco-Box for free. Participants are invited to sign up on the program page at this LINK.  Once finished with the Eco-Box, users separate any plastic waste from the cardboard box and mail it in using a prepaid shipping label. Once collected, the plastic is cleaned and melted into hard plastic that can be remolded to make new recycled products. Additionally, for every pound of waste shipped to TerraCycle, collectors can earn $1 to donate to a non-profit, school or charitable organization of their choice.
To recycle the corrugated cardboard box, participants can enter their address into the interactive map at and search for available recycling options, including TerraCycle drop-off locations and municipal recycling programs. 
"Each year, more than 79 percent of waste that ends up in landfills has the potential to be recycled," said TerraCycle CEO Tom Szaky. "TerraCycle, in association with companies like Tide, works every day to reduce that number and integrate single-use packaging into new products."
The Tide Eco-Box Recycling Program is open to any interested individual, school, office, or community organization. For more information on TerraCycle's recycling program, visit 

Procter & Gamble, which manufactures TIDE, is one of over a dozen brands which have partnered with TerraCycle on the recently launched Loop - a new packaging model launched in the U.S. and France. Loop, debuted at the World Economic Forum in Davos, Switzerland at the end of January, is a new shopping system and the first of its kind to offer hundreds of name brand products in reusable and refillable packaging. 

The pilot program is expected to launch this spring in the Paris metro area and the New York City area - including parts of New Jersey and Pennsylvania.

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