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Toter introduces 32-gallon organics cart

Toter introduces 32-gallon organics cart

Toter has introduced a new 32-gallon organics cart, designed specifically to withstand the added burden of collecting heavy, wet organic waste. Built with a molded, sealed stop-bar that prevents leakage and manufactured with an Advanced Rotational Molding process, Toter's 32-gallon organics cart provides superior product durability for long life. 

With load ratings that exceed ANSI standards by withstanding 6 1-4 lbs./gallon versus the standard 3-1/2 lbs./gallon, Toter's 32-gallon organics carts are designed to outlast the competition. Toter's 32-gallon organics cart's ideal handle height, best-in-class ergonomics, rugged wheels and caster options makes maneuvering a breeze, even when completely full. These carts are also compatible with Toter lifters to ensure safe and easy dumping. Custom hot stamps or mold-in labels can also be added to help with sorting. Organics carts are also available in 48 and 64-gallon sizes with optional caster wheels to eliminate the need to tip to roll, which helps prevent overexertion and workplace injuries.

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